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1. Why we use E-bike? Why we convert our bike to E-bike?
Because E-bike has many benefits:

·   Fun - You will find yourself wanting to ride more. 

·   Health & Fitness - Get more exercise than you normally would.

·   No need to shower at work - No sweat because you don’t have to pedal hard.

·   Environmentally friendly - Less emissions than even the most environmentally friendly hybrid cars.

·   Inexpensive to run - Less than 5 cents per 30km charge.

·   Fast - Cruise comfortably at a higher speed than you could achieve by yourself.

·   Avoid the traffic - Take advantage of the cycle lanes during peak hour.

·   Tackle hills with ease - pedaling uphill is as easy as on the flat.

·   Greater carrying capacity - Tow a bicycle trailer with minimal effort

·   Prestige - eBikes are a really cool way to get around

You convert your bicycle to E-bike, then you can still keep your original bicycle, and at the same time you can enjoy the DIY process.

2. Are hub motors good for climbing hills?

The gearless motors on this website will give assistance going up hills but you may have to pedal also. The 36V models have strong torque and are very good hill climbers! Mid-drive motor will give bigger torque than hub motor.

3. What is regenerative braking?

Regenerative braking puts energy back into your batteries when you slow down or go downhill. The system is similar to the Toyota Prius and extends the range of your ebike without extending your own energy input. It also reduces wear and tear on the brakes.

4. What is the difference between front wheel and rear wheel?

Front wheel is easier to install, it is recommend to use for riding on flat road and can keep your original speed gear of the rear wheel; rear wheel has speed gear, the installation is a little more difficult than front wheel, but with better driving force, so is recommend for riding on sloping road.

5. Does your standard kit include regenerative braking?
Yes, if you buy our LCD together, you can active regenerative braking function through setting (C13=1).
6. What is the difference between standard braking and regenerative braking kit?
Regenerative braking kit can save power, the battery can drive more distance, but the top speed will be also lower than standard braking kit, so if you prefer high speed, we recommend you to buy standard braking kit.
7. Is there any maintenance required?
No, never with brushless geared or gearless motors because there is only one moving part in the entire system, the wheel!
8. Is pedelec sensor included?
Yes, and you can install it or not as you will.
9. How much is the minimum fork width for front and rear wheel?
Normally for front wheel shall be 10cm minimum, and for rear wheel shall be 13.50cm minimum.
10. What's difference between geared motor and gearless motor?

Geared Motor has less cost and lighter weight also give bigger torque, gearless motor has more cost and heavier weight also much less torque than geared motor. Gearless motor has much longer life than geared motor (need to change Nylon gear after it wear out).

11. Are batteries included in eBike Conversion Kits?
No. If you need, we can also supply you Lithium Battery (BMS board and charger are included).
12. Do you sell battery?
Yes, we only supply Lithium batteries (with BMS Board and charger).
13. How to choose battery?
We recommend big power motor to choose big capacity battery, for example: For 200W,250W and 350W motor kits, we recommend to use 10AH or 12AH Batteries, for 500W and 750W motor kits, we recommend to use 15AH,20AH Batteries. For 1000W motor kits, we recommend to use 20AH or above Batteries.
14. Do you sell Rear Carrier?
Yes, we sell double-layer rear carrier for our rear carrier type battery use.
15. Do you sell other components?
Yes, We sell ebike, battery, motor, controller and all other parts and components.
16. Can I use two Motors (Front and Rear Motors) in one E-bike?
Yes, you can install two motors in one Bike, and you can use two controllers and one throttle + one brake to control them.
17. How to calculate torque?
Torque (in N*m) = 9.55 * Power (in watts) / Speed (in rpm)
1N*m = 141.61 oz*in = 8.85 lb*in = 10,200.0 g*cm, 1.0 hp = 745.7 watts
1.0 in = 2.54 cm, 1.0 kg = 2.205 lb = 35.27 oz, 1.0 mile = 1.61 Km, Tc=(Tf-32)*5/9.
18. How to calculate my bike rim size?
Please kindly check here:  Rim Size Calculation
19. How to calculate my bike spoke length?
Please kindly check here:
20. How to pay you?

We accept Credit Card (through PayPal), PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer (T/T) payment.

21. What about your shipping details? How to track my order?

Shipping method: For normal end user order, our delivery method will by Door to Door Express: such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, Aramex, Toll and EMS. For delivery to Russia, we use Russian Post and Russian CDEK. For package which is less than 2kgs, if it is not urgent, we can also send by Economy Shipping: such as DHL Airmail and China Post Airmail. For wholesale order, to save shipping cost, we can also send by sea or air.

Shipping time: By door to door express way normally need about 5-7 days arrive. Russian Post and Russian CDEK need about 15-35 days. DHL Airmail need about 8-20 days, China Post need about 15-30 days. Battery delivery need about 9-18 days due to special Air Transport requirement (For North America Countries, we will use FedEx or UPS; for European Union Countries, we will send by air to UK firstly and then after custom clearance will be transferred by DPD). Sea transport need about 25-35 days.

Production time: Normally we need about 3-5 days for prepare and finish test. Battery is special product, if we don't have stock and make new, we need enough time to make aging test (5-7 days is needed to make all test and ensure quality).

After we sent your order, we will fill "delivery method + tracking number" in your account, you can get it from your account in our web.
We mainly use four express delivery methods, we now list the tracking web below:
(1). EMS:
       EMS local agents' web: (You can track EMS in your local agents' web)
(2). DHL:
(3). UPS:
(4). FedEx:
(5). TNT:
(6). Toll:
(7). Aramex:
(8). DPD:
(9). Russian Post:

(10). Russian CDEK:
(11). DHL Airmail:
(12). Netherland Post Airmail:
(13). China Post Airmail:

22. What about custom clearance?

We can not decide how much is your tax, what we can do is to declare reasonable price to help you save tax, if you have special requirement, please kindly communicate with us through Email

23. What is other special requirement for some specific countries?

For South American countries, tax number is always necessary (for example CPF for Brazil, RUT for Chile, NIT for Colombia, CUIT for Argentina)
For Germany, if you can supply EORI number, that will be much appreciated

24. Can I buy your products as guest or must I register as member?

You can buy our products both as guest account (not registered member) or as registered member. We recommend you to buy as registered member, because you can get points from each order only as registered member, your points can be saved and accumulated. And they can be converted to money and reduced from your order.

25. Can I get points from each order? How can I earn points?

You can get points from each order but only as registered member (register get 100 points). You can also get points from each sharing or refer to any of friends (Each can get 250 points).

26. Can I resell your products?

Sure, we always support wholesale or dropship. We will approve of your wholesaler account and get special price, you can list all of our products in your own online store or your local B2C online market, we keep stock and send them after you sell. And we will also give your customer warranty, you will get 0 risk. You can also join our Affiliate Program by clicking the following URL:

27. Do you support customized production?

Sure, we do support. For example all possible size wheels, all possible size and shape batteries, we can even attach your required logo on ebike, please just tell us your thought.

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