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We produce the best ebikes, motors and lithium batteries in the world.


We understand that in addition to the quality of important price. We provide excellent quality at affordable price.

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We already made more than several thousands of electric bikes.


Now, hold on a planet, we go to you. The best technical solution. Great experience. Tried and tested technology.

RisunMotor Green Traffic
Against CO2, Green Traffic, are you ready to change?


Green technologies give us fresh air and better world. Still burn gasoline? Are you ready to change from now on?

Our Work


Through our continuous efforts, RisunMotor has become one of the global suppliers of electric bikes, ebike motors, electric wheelchairs, electric golf carts, elecric scooters,Lithium batteries and various ebike parts and components. Through the continuous adoption of new materials and new technologies, we have been providing low-cost and high performance electric vehicles and Lithium batteries with high-quality workmanship and professional attitude in the field of personalized and custom DIY.


Our company has an innovative and vigorous team, most of our senior executives have overseas study background, and have accumulated many years of management experience in the world's top 500 enterprises. Also, we are willing to listen to your voice.


Keeping timely communication with customers in the social media platform, responding rapidly to the market, bringing convenience and staying close to our customers is the goal we have been pursuing. We hope more and more customers will pay attention to us. Please join us now!
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Welcome to our Online Shopping Mall and launch exciting journey of DIY, assembling your own dream E-Bike.


RisunMotor has already established its own global supply chain. In 2016, the European overseas distribution center was officially opened to provide local purchase, fast delivery service and strong return guarantee for EU customers. And at the end of 2016, we also established overseas distribution centers in North America, Russian Federation, India and Serbia. We will never fail to provide customers around the world with fast, secure and safe delivery services.

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